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CHO Power is a gasification process to produce
electricity from waste and biomass

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CHO Morcenx power plant

Showcase of the technological know-how of CHO Power, CHO Morcenx facility (France) is the first commercial scale electricity from gasified The gasification technology is a proven technology since it already existed in the twentieth century to produce town gas from coal.

Forgotten a time when the emergence of natural gas, it is now applied to the production of electricity from waste and biomass.

Indeed, gasification is a thermal process that consists in heating elements primarily organic (waste, biomass ...) in an atmosphere in the absence of air to produce a gas composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, called synthesis gas or syngas.

Although coal is a stable and dry fuel, waste and biomass are variable, and the gas obtained is less homogeneous. The refining system developed by CHO-Power solves this problem.

The advantage of gasification is to transfer the energy potential of the solid fuel as a gas, and generate more electricity through the use of effective means of production, such as engines and gas turbine: the same quantity of fuel is used, and more electricity is produced.
waste and biomass power plant in Europe.

The plant is designed to produce 11 MWe from 55,000 tons/year of commercial and industrial waste and biomass.

Biomass is constituted from the Landes forest wood chips. The waste is brought by the collectors of the Landes and neighboring departments. Produced by firms, they do not contain hazardous waste (mainly cardboard, wood, paper, tissues). The collectors provide only the residual fraction after their own sorting and recycling of their waste, which are then re-sorted on site and jettisoned of the last large metal and inert fractions. This flow today mainly goes to distant landfills.

Particular attention was paid to the architectural and landscape integration of the site.

Future plants in progress

CHO Tiper:

This project is part of the TIPER initiative that aims to develop renewable energies on the Thouarsais territory by promoting the sustainable integration of this sector in the local economy. The CHO Tiper power plant will be located in Thouars (France). read more about this project

CHO Locminé:

This project is part of the LIGER concept. LIGER's ambition is to demonstrate that the Energy Transition is in Locminé a concrete reality for the environment and the economy. LIGER will be the first European site to combine two 100% green biomass energies such as wood biomass and anaerobic digestion of organic resources from the different activities of the territory, which will replace fossil sources. The CHO Locminé power plant will be situated in Locminé (France). read more about this project

CHO Brocéliande:

This project fits into the Pacte Electrique Breton recommendations. This policy, launched in December 2010 by the public authorities as well as the economic and institutional players, intends to reduce energy dependence by controlling energy demand, by developing renewable energy and finally, by securing electricity supply by 2020. The CHO Brocéliande power plant will be based in Montauban de Bretagne (France). read more about this project